B2B Marketing Has A Blind Spot: The Buyer’s Journey

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“Last month, I was immersed in face-to-face dialogue with senior B2B marketing leaders from well-known companies who were attending Forrester Forums and FLB events, and one thing was blatantly clear. These leaders are so focused on their initiatives, campaigns, and programs that they have lost sight of the thing that matters most: the customer.”

“In one setting, I led a discussion group about big data. Rather than debate what big data really means and how it can be captured, I focused on how it could be used. I asked the members to think about the different touch-points their firm has with customers at each stage of the customer life cycle and how the experience delivered at each of those touch-points could be better informed by the new types of data that are available today. Most struggled with it, because they are not used to thinking about interactions from the customers’ perspective. Instead, they think of it as actions by their marketing and sales teams.”

The article goes on to discuss the transformation of marketing becoming a “profit center” and not just a place measured on “cost per lead”. When the measures change, the teams rally, well, at least those who are winning the new race.

Read on for more ideas/insights into the buyers journey and why this is so important to not only the creation of content, but also “when” the content is used. Thinking out loud, in the old days, a brochure was a brochure, we didn’t worry about “when” in the buyers journey it would be used. In many ways, shame on us… if you lived through these days and any of your titles included marketing in them.

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Top 10 B2B Marketing Mistakes

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“Even the most seasoned marketing professionals sometimes fall prey to mistakes in tactics or implementation.”

“But with a watchful eye, practitioners can avoid costly pitfalls.”

The article discusses these 10 common marketing mistakes:

1. Not finding the fish

2. Traveling on the same path as before

3. Failing to continually monitor marketing programs

4. Ignoring frequency

5. Working in a bubble

6. Looking for quantity rather than quality

7. Being unprepared

8. Casting away branding and exposure

9. Having no sense of timing

10. Neglecting media partner relationships

Read on for ideas of how to avoid these common mistakes that slip up even the most experienced marketers.

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12 Essential Content Tools for B2B Marketing

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One of the questions B2B marketers get asked most often starts like this. “I think I get content marketing, but what kind of content works best?”

The short answer is that there are at least twelve types of content you can utilize as part of any content marketing plan.

In this case, the focus is on content that can extend your brand’s reach, beyond your website or blog. There’s no single type that works best for all companies.

In fact, diversification and having a portfolio of content you can pull from is key. Here are the twelve types of content to focus on, and how they can be used.

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Should B2B Marketing or Sales Buy the CRM System?

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“There was a time (well before my time) when CRM was considered a sales enablement tool. The purpose was to bring data from proposals, sticky notes and Rolodexes into one centrally accessible database.”

“The purpose was to bring data from proposals, sticky notes and Rolodexes into one centrally accessible database. It helped sales managers answer the question: “What happens to x account if x sales rep gets hit by a bus tomorrow?”

“As time progressed, CRM has been justified by benefits like increased efficiency (varying degrees of truth on that), and streamlined reporting/forecasting. For all of these purposes, CRM = Sales tool.”

“Fast forward to current day. Growth in the CRM market is leveraging cloud computing, and social selling. There are 1000 apps in the Salesforce AppExchange, all of which boast Salesforce Integrations to enhance the CRM experience. The market has evolved on a tremendous curve of innovation. Needless to say, times have changed…”

The article raises valid questions around the main areas of “how to use” as well as what to measure. Interesting side note, the author is in sales.

Read on to see the suggested answer to the question raised above and why it may or may not make sense for your company. Even if you are not in the market to purchase a CRM package, ownership and management once installed are perhaps more important than who makes the decision to buy.

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Content Curation for B2B Marketing

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Content curation is a topic actively discussed in B2B marketing circles. With so many online resources, publishers, blogs, and social media communities to choose from, the ability to find single points of expertise, sharing and synthesizing the best information on a given topic, has increasing value.

B2B search engine marketers realize new content creation is a critical tactic in an effective SEO strategy. But it is also realized, as illustrated in the Marketingsherpa chart below, the level of effort required to successfully develop new content may be significant, in comparison to other tactics.

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5 Ways to Boost Conversions with B2B Marketing

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“People often think that business-to-business (B2B) marketing is cut-and-dried while business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing is a fundamentally personal and emotional experience.”

“The truth is that we’re emotional people regardless of whether we’re buying at work or for ourselves, it’s just that the emotions are different.”

The article discusses current research by Enquiro indicating in business decisions, people perceive there is disproportionately more to lose by making the wrong decision vs. the potential gain of making the right decision. Thus, buyers look for signals that they’re making the right choice.

The 5 ways presented to help the buyer minimize risks while helping them navigate content to assist in the buying cycle are:

1. Ask for Less

2. Incentivize Them

3. Make It Fun

4. Flaunt Your Credentials

5. Show Proof It Works

Read on for ideas of how to Reduce Risk and Increase Conversions in all 5 of the areas listed.

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B2B Marketing Drives Awareness and Leads via Content

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“Marketers, particularly B2B marketing, rely on a huge range of tactics to achieve a number of (seemingly) disparate goals. The folks building awareness might use social media. The team in charge of lead generation might spring for paid search. Marketers focused on customer loyalty could choose events.”

“As you can see, content is a favorite for every stage of the funnel – from awareness to generating leads to renewals.”

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