B2B Marketing Has A Blind Spot: The Buyer’s Journey

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“Last month, I was immersed in face-to-face dialogue with senior B2B marketing leaders from well-known companies who were attending Forrester Forums and FLB events, and one thing was blatantly clear. These leaders are so focused on their initiatives, campaigns, and programs that they have lost sight of the thing that matters most: the customer.”

“In one setting, I led a discussion group about big data. Rather than debate what big data really means and how it can be captured, I focused on how it could be used. I asked the members to think about the different touch-points their firm has with customers at each stage of the customer life cycle and how the experience delivered at each of those touch-points could be better informed by the new types of data that are available today. Most struggled with it, because they are not used to thinking about interactions from the customers’ perspective. Instead, they think of it as actions by their marketing and sales teams.”

The article goes on to discuss the transformation of marketing becoming a “profit center” and not just a place measured on “cost per lead”. When the measures change, the teams rally, well, at least those who are winning the new race.

Read on for more ideas/insights into the buyers journey and why this is so important to not only the creation of content, but also “when” the content is used. Thinking out loud, in the old days, a brochure was a brochure, we didn’t worry about “when” in the buyers journey it would be used. In many ways, shame on us… if you lived through these days and any of your titles included marketing in them.

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