Visual Storytelling Ideas for B2B Marketing


For a long while I thought about marketing as wordsmithing – putting an abstract idea into a sentence, picking just the right words. But then things started to change – less text please, more graphics – we’d rather see it than read it. This year more than ever, visual content is going mainstream.

Here are 5 creative ideas gathered from other companies who are effectively using visuals in their marketing and gaining more business.

The author of this article, Iris Shoor, didn’t just list the typical ways to do visual storytelling — Pinterest, Instagram, infographics, photos. She instead found companies who were using visuals in creative ways that you can also do. Read the article for her examples and tips.

I hope your reaction to this article is, “Oh yeah, cool idea!” or “Oh yeah, I forgot to do that last time!” It should get your creative juices flowing.

A quick reminder — visual storytelling is often simply about triggering stories within your reader’s minds or allowing them to connect your visual to a story in their brains. This often allows them to create a new yet familiar (and hopefully positive) story about your product/service/brand. That’s a good thing!

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

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