B2B Marketing and 9 Ways to Integrate Social Media

“Based on both the presentations I heard, as well as conversations throughout the day with local marketing managers, one thing is clear: social media marketing is no longer simply an element of the B2B marketing mix; rather, it is affecting (and infecting) the way B2B companies market, from top to bottom. – Howard Sewell”

“Social media used to mean launching a blog, or designing a corporate Facebook page. Now it’s about how to extend the reach of every campaign, from demand generation to lead nurturing to customer communications.”

“Integrating social at every step of the demand generation cycle: that was clearly the lesson of the day. In addition, here’s a list of other insights, comments, and data points that I found most interesting, surprising or enlightening:”

Read on for the 9 ideas and 1 big lesson discussed by Howard Sewell.

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