Five Best Practices for B2B Marketing on Twitter

“The Challenge: Real-time platforms like Twitter make it easier than ever for public conversations about customer’s brand experiences — for better and for worse. Marketers need to be part of the conversation.”

“In the past, marketers had a clear distinction to work with: Facebook offered great demographic targeting options and opportunities for social endorsement, and Twitter was a real-time platform. But with the growth of Facebook’s news feed (and, now, timeline) both platforms are truly real-time. So what is the unique benefit of Twitter for marketers? Twitter is the major platform for monitoring and participating in the public conversation around your brand.”

  1. Select a Branded Hashtag
  2. Track Mentions of Your Own Brand 24/7
  3. Monitor All Conversations Relevant to Your Business
  4. Actively Manage Your Twitter Feed
  5. Maintain an Authentic Voice

Consider these 5 areas and the tips offered to increase your brands awareness by understanding your customers’ needs better. As the article points out, marketing does not have to join in social conversations, however, your customers are already talking about your brand, products and/or services on twitter.

This article may appear to relate mostly to consumer marketing, however, as one example, there are more and more twitter chats relating to business issues you can join and/or create. Not every company needs to be using twitter as a marketing venue, yet it can still be a great way to research what your customers are seeking or facing in their daily work.

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