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A recent B2B newsletter how-to article featured two B2B content marketing consultants providing tactics on the basics of B2B content marketing. As with many MarketingSherpa articles, while gathering material for the story, I ended up with more great marketing ideas than needed for the piece.”


“In this case, one of the expert sources for that article, Stephanie Tilton, B2B Content Consultant, Ten Ton Marketing, provided an excellent eight-point breakdown of how to get started with content marketing, and I wanted to share her insight with MarketingSherpa Blog readers.”



Read the full article for all of Stephanie’s eight steps to get started with B2B content marketing:

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Help Customers Help You in B2B Marketing and Sales by Sharing Their Stories

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In this example, a single customer interview netted more than 38 pieces of content. And here are the essentials on how to get your customers to help you.


Love this very clear how-to article for gathering customer stories. The author provides very clear steps on how to get this done. Yeah!


Her best piece of advice is to not do the interviews yourself — find someone else who is a good listener, maybe even someone outside your company. Excellent tip. Asking customers for their stories is sometimes hard to do. Maybe the story the business wants to hear is not the story your customer wants to tell — and I don’t mean that customers want to complain. I just mean that businesses need to be open to all kinds of stories a customer may want to share. Sometimes it is a lot easier for a neutral party to gather these stories for you.


My only other comment is that the author focuses on case studies. But case studies are not the only kind of customer narrative to write. Case studies are not the only effective kind of customer story to share. Better to just collect the stories and then determine what form to use.


It is fabulous that the author shares how a single story can parley into 38 pieces of content. That is a content creator’s dream come true! 


Read the article for the author’s process, great tips, and a free downloadable book. 


Thanks Giuseppe Mauriello @pinomauriello for suggesting this article to me!


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

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Optimize B2B Marketing and Sales Content Across the Buyers Journey

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“As focused as we all are on conversions and purchases, we are not all capitalizing on the opportunity to attract and engage with our customer at every point in the buying cycle, and as a result, customers can slip away.”


I love the maps in this article!! They are very helpful to know and understand how the stories companies are creating and sharing need to play out across the sales cycle in order for businesses to grow.


The author A. Hall also makes the point to tell the story first, then choose your platforms. Too often we get caught up in the glamour of the technology instead of crafting a really good compelling story. But that is backwards. 


Then the B2B Content Mapping diagram will help you sort out the next steps.


With business stories, it is sometimes hard to know, once you have your stories, how to proceed effectively to build fans, followers, and sales. 

This article and charts should help you out.


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

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In B2B Sales and Marketing – How to Stop Death by PowerPoint

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“I love this article and am using its tips and outline this week for several presentations I am doing. While it is focused on sales, this post follows the same pattern I use when teaching my MBA students on business communication and influential presentations. – Karen Dietz”

Keep this article/outline handy because it works!!

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling.

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Why Visual Storytelling Works for B2B Marketing

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“Admit it – you’re sick to death of being forced to sit through boring Power Point pitches, given by drab salespeople in stifling conference rooms. The real problem is that it isn’t just you that feels this way!”


“Your prospective customers are just as burned out on these traditional marketing methods as you are – which means that you’ve got to bring something new to the table if you want to be an effective B2B salesperson.”


“One particular model to consider is the visual story. In this approach, marketing messages are conveyed in a way that is easiest for the brain to process. A voice narrates your message as the visual images supports it.”


Read the full article on ideas of how to use visual story telling to help your sales and marketing personal connect and inspire your customers.


Customer experience is not about death by Power Point. Help them create a vision of a solution using your products and services based on value with visual stories.

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B2B Marketing: 7 Content Tactics to Employ

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“According to research from the MarketingSherpa 2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report, content marketing was one of the top four channels for lead generation budgets for this year. And, as a less quantitative measure of the importance of content marketing, it was featured in almost every presentation at the recent B2B Summit 2012, whether the main focus was lead gen, email, social media or event marketing.”

“For B2B marketers, content marketing is used for lead generation and lead nurturing, provides the “fuel” that runs inbound marketing strategies, and effectively works across multiple channels. For example, email without valuable content to share with the database is just technology, not marketing.”


“To provide B2B marketers with a framework of content marketing tactics, MarketingSherpa reached out to two content marketing consultants: Michael Aagaard, self-described online copywriter, and LPO and testing fanatic, Contentverve; and Stephanie Tilton of Ten Ton Marketing.”


“This article features seven tactics B2B marketers can employ to improve the content marketing channel.”

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8 Things To Consider When Planning a Social Media B2B Marketing Strategy

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“Social media for business (or social business) boasts lucrative opportunity for those professionals who master the fine art of social engagement. Social business campaigns continue to gain momentum among new companies. As more businesses want to be part of the movement and see their own social return, many eagerly dive in before considering important risks and ways to maximize potential.”


Read the full article for ideas around setting clear goals, honing in on your target group, and understanding better what your audience looks like as the first 3 areas to consider.


In addition, the article covers 5 other areas to help you plan your social media B2B marketing efforts better. ;

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