7 Characteristics of the Best B2B Marketing Beyond Social

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“If you are looking for another article that lists search, social media, persona development or lead management, this is not it. Those are skills that can easily be learned by the right person.

The more important thing to know is what type of person can learn both the skills they need today and the new ones they will need tomorrow?”


“Here are 7 key characteristics of B2B marketers that will be able to learn the skills needed today and tomorrow and will be able to identify and pursue new B2B marketing opportunities as they emerge. Isn’t that the kind of person you need on your team?”


The article discusses these 7 skills/characteristics for current and future B2B marketing:


1 – Business Savvy

2 – Technical Aptitude

3 – Curiosity and Intuition

4 – Appetite for Knowledge

5 – Communicators

6 – Analytically Inclined

7 – Service Oriented


And number 8 I’ll add to the mix.


8 – The ability to fully understand how “your customers buy your products and services”.


Being able to map out and use your buyers journey is critical across all customer focused messaging, whether via social or traditional marketing channels. It is no longer about “how you sell or market”, it is all about “how the customer buys.”

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