5 Ideas for Better B2B Mobile Marketing in Social Media, Web, & Email

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Connecting and resonating with C level executives of prospects and customers is a must do in most B2B companies. If you fall in this camp, consider what Forbes found out:


“…82% of C-suite executives had a smartphone. The same survey found that respondents under 50 identified their mobile device as their primary business communication tool.”


The article discusses numerous areas to consider around how to make the smart phone experience better. Such as:


Are you doing the right thing and sending emails which are formatted for mobile? Are the landing pages also optimized for mobile? How about the navigation off of the landing page?


We all know mobile is here to stay and those who fall behind the curve of optimizing for the user experience across email, social media and their web platforms will be playing catch up once again.


Read the full article for ideas around where to help optimize the mobile experience in your company.


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Helping Avoid the CEO Scenario In B2B Sales Maketing with Story Selling

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The CEO Scenario: Your company is launching a new product or service and trains the entire sales organization in a day long meeting. (The next week your salespeople start calling on buyers and customers.)


Assume you video tape three different sales people attempting to sell your new offering to the same title within the same vertical channel.


If you were to review the tapes, would you be able to determine:


1. If the same product/service was being sold?

2. If the salespeople even worked for the same company?


The presentation explores how the best of breed are aligning their sales and marketing methods to create the best buying experience, which begins with a common language. Part of the common language for sales and marketing personnel are their stories which need to include:


*Who I Represent

*The Customer Stories and How We Help

*Who I Am


One of the better ways to avoid the CEO scenario referenced above is to arm sales and marketing on new product and service launches with “how we help” stories.


Customers are not focused on features and benefits in the beginning of the buyers journey. Help them create a vision of a solution based on value to satisfy their particular needs. This is built on “how” your product and/or service helps them satisfy their needs encapsulated within a story which resonates with the title and vertical industry being called on.



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5 Tips for Using Google+ to Boost Your B2B Marketing

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“Google+ also plays a major role in search engine optimization (SEO) by making it easier for marketers to show up in search results—yet another reason to include Google+ in your social media strategy.”


“Here are five simple ways to give your business an almost immediate boost using Google+.”


The article covers how to better use the About Page, Google+ Events, frequency of posting and optiimizing for search, setting up your Google authorship, and finding relevant users and engaging with them.


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6 Ways to Generate B2B Marketing Leads with Google+ (Free Ebook)

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“If you are facing challenges with attracting new leads on Google+, don’t worry. You are on your way to master this new social network for lead generation.”


“Grab our latest ebook to gain a clear understanding of what Google+ lead generation means, how to track it, and what an optimized Google+ business page looks like. The ebook features insights and best practices from Google+’s team itself, so you are about to get access to top-notch information.”


A quick registration is required, yet from personal experience, they do not abuse the relationship in anyway. Grab the Ebook if you are looking for ideas to help generate more inquries.


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4 Tips To Take The Frustration Out of B2B Social Media Marketing

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“Is social media frustrating? If you’re like most B2B marketers, you’re doing the north-south nod about now.”


“The way we marketers most often use social media…lacks quantifiable metrics…And re-tweets or likes are not measures of quality leads or sales.”


“In the same way that we measure traditional email marketing, by conversions, not opens or clicks, the clearest evidence your social media activity is benefiting your business is to share content that results in conversions on your website.”


The article covers how to test quality content on the big 4 social sites and measure the results to choose which ones which will work the best for your company.


And as the author Kevin reminds us: “The content you share should be informative and problem-solving… without pushing your brand.”


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10 Areas of Caution for B2B Marketing

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“Too many B2B companies are flat out failing at social media marketing. It  isn’t their fault. This isn’t an attack on the companies. Heck, they are at  least brave enough to give it a shot.”


“Instead this is an explanation for  why a new marketing channel has been slow to grow in the B2B space. This  shouldn’t be news to anyone though. Email marketing has been around for decades  and many companies still don’t have that mystery figured out yet.”


“Instead of placing blame, let’s diagnose the reasons B2B companies  aren’t seeing success with social media.”


The article covers 10 areas to evaluate your own B2B social media marketing channels. Including lack of proper content, haven’t used paid social search, focus on lead generation, management support, right data, and website designs.


Reading between the lines, it appears B2B social media is the “step child” in many marketing plans. If proper metrics are not in place to “inspect what you expect” to support the overall sales and marketing plans. How does upper management and/or others in the company get behind the B2B social media marketing channels of your company.


Read the full article for ideas around improving any of your B2B social media channels.


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What Marketers May Forget Around Social Media in B2B

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“You can use social media from desktops, iPads and iPhones, no matter where you are. Tweeting is the new texting and Google+ is gaining traction as its registered users now number over 400 million.

Social media marketing cannot be ignored. It is the marketing of the people. Marketing has been democratized. It is “native marketing” that requires no payment to third party channels (such as TV or radio) to promote your business. All you need is the content and the followers on your own social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, to distribute and share your brand message with and of course some marketing tools, skills and resources.


Yet, there is a danger.


That danger is that other marketing strategies, skills and basics are forgotten or ignored in the glare of social media’s buzz and popularity.


There is one very core marketing tactic that should be woven into every part of your digital marketing. It is boring, it can be technical but it is essential: SEO”.


Read full article:


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