Helping Avoid the CEO Scenario In B2B Sales Maketing with Story Selling

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The CEO Scenario: Your company is launching a new product or service and trains the entire sales organization in a day long meeting. (The next week your salespeople start calling on buyers and customers.)


Assume you video tape three different sales people attempting to sell your new offering to the same title within the same vertical channel.


If you were to review the tapes, would you be able to determine:


1. If the same product/service was being sold?

2. If the salespeople even worked for the same company?


The presentation explores how the best of breed are aligning their sales and marketing methods to create the best buying experience, which begins with a common language. Part of the common language for sales and marketing personnel are their stories which need to include:


*Who I Represent

*The Customer Stories and How We Help

*Who I Am


One of the better ways to avoid the CEO scenario referenced above is to arm sales and marketing on new product and service launches with “how we help” stories.


Customers are not focused on features and benefits in the beginning of the buyers journey. Help them create a vision of a solution based on value to satisfy their particular needs. This is built on “how” your product and/or service helps them satisfy their needs encapsulated within a story which resonates with the title and vertical industry being called on.

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