The Future of B2B Social Marketing is Quality – Not Quantity

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“The days of being happy with mentions and followers on social media are over. To take your social marketing to the next level, it’s time to build relationships.”


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“Future of B2B Social Marketing”


“…need to engage our prospects directly, using what we learn from finding and listening to them on the social web. What platforms they use, how active they are and what they’re talking about, sharing and creating. This then informs our content marketing strategy and how we look to convert these prospects into leads.”


This is the what to do, which is on mark.  The “how” to engage is burried within your marketing messages. Do your messages resonate with what you hear via social listening and engagement? If not, it is possible the content being used is about the product, not the customers needs.


As marketing, we are not the hero’s in the story, the customer is. Our role is to help them create a vision of a solution based on value by first relating to and discussing their needs.


Here is an example of how one company turned the customers into the hero and used the power of story to build trust and higher engagement.

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