Digital Customers are Changing the Rules in B2B Marketing – Are You Ready? (Part 2)

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“According to Forrester, Customer Experience (CX) leaders outperform the laggards:”


* CX leaders increased their value by 22% over 5 years

* CX laggards’ value declined by 46%


“A recent study from Bloomberg Businessweek revealed:”


* 80% of companies want to get closer to their customers

* Only 20% believe they are doing a good job

* Only 8% of their customers think they do a good job


“Since we were interviewing executives about what they felt contributed to an extraordinary customer experience, we naturally asked what their companies were doing…The specifics varied widely, but there were three areas of commonality:”


1 – Customer Insight

2 – One-to-one Interaction

3 – Execution excellence


Read the article for ideas of how others improve the customers experience:


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