Digital Customers are Changing the Rules in B2B Marketing – Are You Ready? (Part 2)

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“According to Forrester, Customer Experience (CX) leaders outperform the laggards:”


* CX leaders increased their value by 22% over 5 years

* CX laggards’ value declined by 46%


“A recent study from Bloomberg Businessweek revealed:”


* 80% of companies want to get closer to their customers

* Only 20% believe they are doing a good job

* Only 8% of their customers think they do a good job


“Since we were interviewing executives about what they felt contributed to an extraordinary customer experience, we naturally asked what their companies were doing…The specifics varied widely, but there were three areas of commonality:”


1 – Customer Insight

2 – One-to-one Interaction

3 – Execution excellence


Read the article for ideas of how others improve the customers experience:


Part 1 is found here:

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Digital Customers are Changing the Rules in B2B Marketing – Are You Ready? (Part 1)

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“Experience shows in the age of the digital customer, the balance of power has shifted.”


“In this new world, the customer experience is the competitive battleground upon which relevance and long term viability will be determined”


Before we talk about technology… let’s follow Steve Job’s advice: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around”.


The article discusses 4 distinct quallities customers value and which companies should focus on to improve their customers experience.


1 Reliability

2 Convenience

3 Relevance

4 Responsiveness


“I have to admit, this is shockingly simple, no secret wisdom. What is even more shocking, though, is this: most companies get it wrong. And in the age of the digital customer, these simple qualities have become more critical than ever.” Dr. Volker G. Hildebrand, SAP

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Content Curation Can Help Your B2B Marketing

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This is a great piece by Heidi Cohen on why your marketing needs content curation and 12 attributes of a successful curation strategy.  This is one of the best articles I’ve seen on this topic in a very long time.


As I said, I’ve seen many pieces on curation but if you’re like me, everytime I read about this, I always find something new or am reminded of ways I can polish what I’m doing.


Here are some of the highlights………

At its core, content curation is like a great editor or blogger who brings his unique taste and understanding of his target audience to his selection of the best content for his readers.

As part of your content marketing strategy and by extension your marketing plan, content curation needs objectives that are associated with your business.

As with any social media or content marketing, your audience should be at the heart of your content efforts.


“Curation comes up when people realize that it isn’t just about information seeking, it’s also about synchronizing a community”


Selected and reviewed by Jan Gordon covering “Curation, Social Business and Beyond”


Read full article here: [}

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B2B & Inbound Marketing Tips

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“Just the tips! B2B social media marketing stats, charts, tips, tricks & infographics for helping B2B marketers absolutely CRUSH IT at social media marketing.”


Good concise reference on various new/current social media improvements and/or tools to keep as a handy reference.


Covered in the article:


Instagram Profiles

Pinterest Business Pages

Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn

Distribution of B2B Marketing Content

Some new Facebook Data

5 B2B Social Media Case Studies

83 B2B Blog Post Ideas

Little Bird


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The Future of B2B Social Marketing is Quality – Not Quantity

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“The days of being happy with mentions and followers on social media are over. To take your social marketing to the next level, it’s time to build relationships.”


Skip the intro to the article and jump down to the image shown:


“Future of B2B Social Marketing”


“…need to engage our prospects directly, using what we learn from finding and listening to them on the social web. What platforms they use, how active they are and what they’re talking about, sharing and creating. This then informs our content marketing strategy and how we look to convert these prospects into leads.”


This is the what to do, which is on mark.  The “how” to engage is burried within your marketing messages. Do your messages resonate with what you hear via social listening and engagement? If not, it is possible the content being used is about the product, not the customers needs.


As marketing, we are not the hero’s in the story, the customer is. Our role is to help them create a vision of a solution based on value by first relating to and discussing their needs.


Here is an example of how one company turned the customers into the hero and used the power of story to build trust and higher engagement.

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B2B Marketing Predictions for 2013

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“Change, innovation, progress, while these terms should always be associated with the positive, for marketers entrenched in their current methodologies, the future can seem down right scary as the lines blur.”


As 2012 comes to a close, the predictions for 2013 emerge. On the top, ~100 CMO’s predict the death of push marketing and more customer focused messaging.


Two other topics include:

1. Will marketing be retro and responsive?

2. Is marketing automation taking over?

Read the article for further ideas based on the 2013 predictions in the B2B marketin space.

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Will B2B Social Media Marketing Drive the Customer Experience?

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“As social media has become an important channel of daily communication, engaging with customers socially should be the next step for brands. Tom Kelly, CEO of Moxie Software, says,


“Social media is another communication channel and should be supported just like email and the phone.”


This comment by Tom Kelly makes sense and is part of the reason I scooped this article. Most of the article reads more like a promotion for Social CRM. Yet towards the bottom IBM points out more then 50% of consumers do not even consider intereacting with businesses via social.


Perhaps this begs the question, what is the % in the B2B space? Odds are it is lower. This does not mean to turn a blind eye towards social media tools, however, it does mean to go in eyes wide open.


Read the article with a “grain of salt” for ideas in the B2B space for Social CRM and keep an open mind “if” your customers are already using social media tools to discover and begun evaluations to satisfy their needs.

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