The Ultimate B2B Marketing Cheat Sheet to Help Master LinkedIn

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“…LinkedIn is a powerful platform that often gets underutilized or put on the back burner.”


“LinkedIn can be extremely useful — especially when you’re aware of all the little hidden tricks that don’t get nearly enough exposure as they deserve.”


“To help you master LinkedIn, below is our ultimate list of 35 awesome tricks you may have been overlooking.”


“We’ve divided these tips into three main categories:


** optimizing your LinkedIn presence

** using LinkedIn for professional networking

** using LinkedIn for business and marketing


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Consider how often you click on a link and land on a page which is not relevant to what you are looking to find and you keep moving on.


Now think about what happens if one of your customers or prospects lands on your LinkedIn profile and/or company page? Do they stop and read, or abandon, the choice is yours to make…

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How B2B Social Media Marketing Can Drive More Leads

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“Marketing is about facilitating more closed business, and ultimately grow the company. When asked, most midsized and B2B companies will tell you that they are “doing content marketing.”

However, often when you look at their social channels and company blog the content they create seems highly unlikely to help increase demand generation.”


“The reason that the majority of marketing content is an #Epicfail can be explained by the lack of vision and imagination that too many marketing professionals and their empty suit senior managers sadly share.”


Bill says the key is to keep the content focus on solving your customer’s problem. Customer’s don’t care about your product. They care about how they can make more money, do their job better, or grow their business.”



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Story Selling in A Winning B2B Integrated Marketing Campaign

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The year is 2008 and you are in the Financial Services Business.


“How do you turn a quiet, sales-driven organization into a B2B marketing powerhouse?”


“Consider the story of Lincoln Financial Group, a traditionally sales-centric organization… The 106-year-old financial services, insurance, and annuities company…”


“Lincoln Financial had previously conducted research showing that the more people take charge of their lives, including their finances, the better they feel about the direction of their lives.”


“We sometimes think that because we’re talking to the business or consumer community, our advertising doesn’t need to be emotionally driven,” said DePeau. “You need to do that plus help educate the consumer, as opposed to just talking to them.”


“While others in the category seemed to be drawn to using fear in their advertising, we felt the time was right to try a new, more optimistic approach.”


“…the campaign showcased a video of women of all ages showing how they take charge of their lives and provided educational content to help women do just that. The PR focused on the research results. The Chief Life Officer ads continued the “take charge, optimistic theme,” which was reinforced in social media.


“And how has the integrated campaign done?”


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In B2B Marketing How to Take Social Listening to the Next Level

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“Social listening is an integral part of any effective online marketing team. In order to make progress in the social sphere, B2B businesses need to be aware of the conversations going on around their industry and business.”


“Listening in, responding and interacting with prospects, and monitoring the results of social listening and response are essential. With social listening, your business can take its social media efforts to the next level.”


“The benefits that come with social listening should be enough to convince your marketing team that this is something worth spending time on. You’ll be able to develop better social marketing strategies while gaining insight into your brand and industry. Using the insights you gain from social listening, you’ll be able to improve the conversation and reputation of your business.”


Read the article for ideas around the benefits, insights and excecution needed to take social listening to the next level.

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Are Traditional B2B Sales Methods Dead?

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“In the business-to-business space, the suggestion that tried-and-true strategies no longer work is false.”


“Success is still very much about strategy and execution, driven by your market and your specific customers. You need to evaluate how you use social the same way you would with any other tools.”


“Does it bring you closer to the buyer? Does it allow you to deliver your message and value in a way that helps buyers decide you are the provider to trust, partner with and have a relationship with?”


Read the article for ideas of how to view and consider the use of social selling and marketing in your B2B space.

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Does B2B Marketing Need to Load the Lips of Sales to Call on the C-Suite

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“If you’ve really done your homework then you should know to avoid jargon that the C-level executive may not know.”


“Consultants are always trying to “assist us in managing our third-party spend,” whatever that means. It must be something important, because I get two or three calls a week to help me with this problem.”


“Maybe if they positioned it from my point of view and used language that I use they would get further in their call.” Mike Parrot, VP,Costco


Read the last sentence again and notice two main issues.


1 – Use the customers language

2 – Use their point of view.


Early in the buy-sell cycle, the customer is looking for the “why” they should consider anything new. Sound bites of, “this is what my product can achieve will also not go very far”.


Consider this: If you wrap a previous customer success within a story framework that matches the customers marketplace, you can cover both points Parrot desires, language and point of view.


A note of caution, stories need to resonate and be worded to match the title of the person you are calling on, not just the industry/market.


A phrase by Nancy Duarte is important while building stories:

“By reminding people of the status quo and then revealing the path to a better way, you set up a conflict that needs to be resolved.”


A good story does not start with success or sound bites or symptoms, it starts with a business challenge. In the above example by Parrot, third part spend is a symptom. He wants to know the business challenge a product or service can help him resolve based on his position.

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